Deep inside the Arctic Circle on a lyrical journey through the largest fjord system in the word.

Sidetracked Magazine

Icebergs the size of villages float by with serene majesty. Scoresbysund lies in ahead, untouched. The 350km-deep fjord system is only accessible by boat three months a year. Which is now. For the Inuit, everything has an Anirniq, a soul. 

In Sidetracked Volume Seven, René Koster and Marco Barneveld sail deep into Scoresbysund, East Greenland to explore the unique fjord systems. Shipping now.  www.sidetracked.com

Words: Marco Barneveld

Publications & Interviews

Since the Antarctica project was featured on LensCulture many news sites and blogs have followed. Very proud that I got interviewed by MyModernMet ,  CondéNastTraveler and TheWeatherChannel. Beautiful publications on Sputniknews , DeMorgen , Ignant , Fubiz ADayMagazine,  Designplayground, Maptia and The Washington Post

Photographer and travel enthusiast René Koster fulfilled his dream and explored Antarctica aboard The Bark Europa – a ship built back in 1911. Inspired by the voyage and the stories about great expeditions of the past, the artist crafted an incredibly awesome project named Antarctica. Read more: Sputnik


I have been  invited for an exhibition in Italy with other international photographers. 


exhibition in Italy

 Exhibition Defactory

The Italian Cultural Association DeFactory is proud to present its new annual photo exhibition: ImageNation 2016: Eyes on the World.

From March 12th to April 3rd, 2016, the City Gallery “G.B. Bosio”, in Desenzano del Garda, hosts a collective show of more than 60 photographers: this year, DeFactory has chosen to open its doors to photographers from all over the world, collecting a wide range of stories, images and people coming from different backgrounds and cultural areas who share the common passion for photography.

The link that establishes a dialogue among them and the viewer is the tale and, above all, the desire to share and make it understandable through that immediacy that only photography is able to transmit.

Waterloo 2015

Na 200 jaar laaide de de strijd weer op. Voor Re&act magazine heb ik een verslag gemaakt van Waterloo 2015.


Friese Trots

Wij gingen maar een klein stukje varen: van Harlingen via Makkum naar Hindeloopen. Een verhaal over halfglijders, handelssteden en leugenbankjes.